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Pluto trine Pluto

A lot to learn

Kelli Fox

You're far enough apart in age that you actually get along really well. You just understand each other, in a way that doesn't have to rely on having come from the same cultural references. You grew up watching different TV shows and different movies, listening to different music and thinking about different political ideas, but that isn't a problem so much as a point of interest.

You were different ages when important events in history happened, so you have different takes on the importance of various events -- and all these differences only serve to make your relationship more colorful. You love talking about your pasts, about the influences that have shaped each of you into the people you are today. The key between you is respect, and it has to go both ways in order to work. But that isn't too hard for either of you. The younger of the two of you always looks up to the older, and that's as it should be. But you both have plenty to teach each other, and you both know that. As long as you stay open to the experiences this relationship offers you, you both get a lot out of it.

Pluto trine Pluto in the Transit Chart

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