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Pluto trine Moon

An intense bond

Kelli Fox

How your lover responds emotionally to life and how they express their emotions changes through the course of this relationship, and it starts with a very strong physical attraction that has its roots in their subconscious emotions. Your physical connection is a really important and overwhelming part of this relationship for both of you. You might not even realize how much you need each other; your lover just knows that when you call, they feel soothed deep down; when you're away, they feel scattered, even upset; and when you two make love, the experience rocks their world.

This definitely supports a long-term bond if your relationship goes that way. You understand each other so deeply and your connection is so strong that, lots of times, you just know how your lover is feeling and what they're wishing for. The best part is, you both feel like you can be yourselves because you don't have to explain your moods or your responses to life. What a relief! You feel accepted by each other and appreciated in your individuality, which means you also are able to accept each other's differences as well as your similarities.

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