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Pluto trine Midheaven

Motivating your partner

Kelli Fox

You both feel as if your relationship has a great, deep purpose to it, and you're probably right. You support your lover's work, their career, their reputation or their role in society with your own, personal power and your understanding of the way the world works. You get where they're trying to go, and you help them get there.

Though they've built their career to be what it is now, they still might not have as instinctive an understanding as you do of how to network with VIPs or how to put themselves out there, promoting their talents or their product in a way that yields results. But you teach them how to find success with your powerful presence and your intuitive ability to grab hold of opportunities, and their life is changed for the better as a result. They definitely benefit from knowing you. They talk with you about their ambitions and come to you for brainstorming help regarding their work or their public image, and you help them to create a game plan that's fail-proof. They trust you implicitly with their future, and you help to motivate them to work hard toward achieving their goals. You might consider making some investments together, because when you put your heads together, big things happen.

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