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Pluto trine Mercury

Mental transformation

Kelli Fox

You have an intensely creative connection, one that encourages you to express yourselves in the deepest and most honest way possible. Your partner, especially, might be used to more superficial relationships, but you don't allow your bond to exist on anything but a deep, intense and focused level. Your conversations cover huge subjects that boggle both your minds: the nature of the universe and your place in it, the difference between good and evil -- big, theoretical subjects that you stay up all night debating!

You definitely encourage this person to think more deeply and more honestly, and the thoughts they come up with might surprise them. They have a really strong pull on you as well, though, don't worry. You see them as the light at the end of the tunnel, because you've always been so focused on the depths that you might not know how to come up for air. They can help you to translate your more abstract, heavy theories or impressions, and perhaps more importantly, they can encourage you to lighten up from time to time. Don't try to keep things too light, though; that would be letting a great opportunity slip by. Instead, you should really try to keep each other motivated in pursuing all those deep, dark and interesting ideas, and bringing them to light.

Pluto trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

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