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Pluto trine Jupiter


Kelli Fox

The feeling of support that grows between you, especially on your lover's part, helps you both to accomplish something big during the course of your relationship. You offer a lot of emotional support for your partner's ideas, and in return, they help you to understand the changes you go through as a human being throughout your connection with them. They're already attuned to making personal changes, so they aren't surprised by the transformations and incredible experiences you go through as a couple.

You are very affected by the whole experience, and you're very grateful for this person's influence in your life, even if it's a short-term one. A great activity for the two of you could involve learning and the expansion of the mind, so skip dinner and a movie in favor of a class in Zen Buddhism or whatever strikes your interest. Or at least make it ethnic food and a documentary film instead of burgers and a piece of comedy fluff, if you do go the dinner-and-a-movie route!

Pluto trine Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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