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Pluto square Venus

Overwhelming needs

Kelli Fox

Jealousy, emotional manipulation, possessiveness and control could become major components of this relationship if you're not careful to sort out your feelings right from the get-go. This person has stirred up intense feelings in you from the start. Their sexual attraction to you could also be overwhelming, and you both feel transformed by your intimate experiences together.

Your emotional lives become closely linked, almost without your noticing the merging. That's when the trouble starts. Any separations could leave your lover feeling intensely insecure, even abandoned, but if that happens, it might have more to do with the kind of dependency you have worked hard to create than with anything really to do with your bond. In fact, you might be the one that really feels insecure and bereft when your partner displays their independence. This kind of emotional extreme can lead the best of us toward urges of possession and manipulation, although dominating each other never brings real satisfaction for either partner. You try it anyway, because your relationship feels so vital to your well-being. Your individual needs for connection and love could keep you locked into this pattern for quite some time, unless you can find a way to examine your emotional life and figure out why you've made the choices you have in your love life. It could be that you feel an overwhelming need for companionship, and that leads you into this controlling, emotionally twisted situation. You both have to learn to stand on your own two feet if you don't want to wear each other out completely.

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