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Pluto square Uranus

Like boxers in a ring

Kelli Fox

With this aspect between you, a fun, happy, smooth relationship is a pretty remote possibility. The problem is, you're too much of a mixture of power and rebellion -- you cross each other at every turn, and you could really set each other off if you feel like your lover is getting in your way. Nothing is accidental or mild between you; if your partner unintentionally upsets your plans or creates an obstacle, you suspect them of doing it on purpose, and it's a big deal.

You both have a lot of plans and ideas, and you don't want anyone getting in the way of them. Unfortunately, your biggest, most important causes are at odds with those of your lover. You take two different corners of the ring on almost everything that's important to you; it's like a developer versus a conservationist, or a war protester versus a decorated Army general. You both take a firm stance on what you believe in, and you feel so passionately about your own position that you almost aren't even able to hear each other out or understand anything about each other's point of view. And needless to say, that kind of fervent passion for a cause can sap the juice from a romantic relationship. You might end up deciding that you're just too different to make it work.

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