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Pluto square Pluto

Different frames of reference

Kelli Fox

You two are greatly separated by age. The truth is, this aspect probably causes too much stress and tension for a romantic relationship to withstand. It's a case of having to pile each other's you-know-what on top of your own.

You both are left feeling downtrodden, at best -- like, Great, I have to deal with my own issues, and now I have to deal with theirs too?!? It isn't pleasant, especially because lots of times, you don't even understand where your lover is coming from. This aspect works on a level that doesn't have to be personal, but in this case, it is. You don't understand their frames of reference, and they don't get yours; you try to explain why you feel the way you do or why you think something's funny, and you just aren't able to get it across. It could leave you feeling alone and misunderstood, at the very least, and that's not a nice way to feel with your romantic partner. You both might be better off finding someone who's closer to your own age, someone who is able to understand where you're coming from, what's important to you and why.

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