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Pluto square North Node

Two paths, diverging

Kelli Fox

Whatever needs to happen in your lover's life to get them where they're supposed to go, you're the one to help them find it and you can even push them along on their path. Your love for them helps them to learn deep, important truths about their life and their future that they might never have guessed at on their own. You're naturally a deep and intensely emotional person, and you can help your lover tap into their own inner depths that might previously have been hidden to them.

While this is definitely an intense experience and could even be uncomfortably so for your partner, it is undoubtedly a positive experience for them in the end. Regardless of the stage of your relationship, you encourage your partner to become who they are, just through you being yourself and operating on your normal, natural level. You help them process the more difficult emotional experiences of their life, and you help them figure out what their innate talents are, and how they can best be used in their life. You show your lover the path toward enlightenment, and they look back on this experience with gratitude no matter how long the relationship lasts. As long as they stay motivated to process their emotions and be active in their personal transformation, they can develop a clearer idea of where they're supposed to head in life.

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