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Pluto square Moon

A roller coaster ride

Kelli Fox

The compulsive and controlling elements that develop between you make for some hard times, to say the least. This could even turn out to be a love-hate relationship, if your lover feels as if they were drawn into it almost against their will. Their intense feelings for you could swing either way, like a pendulum -- one minute they're incredibly attracted, even fascinated by you, and the next they might actually be repulsed, wondering, who is this person and why do I like them, again?

This is very confusing for both of you, and could feel unpleasantly like a roller coaster ride. The fact that they're more fascinated by you than genuinely attracted could spell bad news, because that variety of attraction isn't necessarily based on your positive characteristics. They could be drawn to you because of some deep, hidden experiences from their past that this new person in their life somehow reminds them of, or represents. Jealousy, possessiveness and emotional manipulation could become major issues between you if you don't take care. It might be that the intensity is too much to handle, and you are subconsciously attempting to force a move on your lover's part. If you can stick with this relationship, you have to face down your pasts and the deep, compelling psychological bonds that connect you.

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