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Pluto square Mars

A power struggle

Kelli Fox

There is a strong sexual pull between you, which could be quite compelling -- and it could make you think there's more between you that's worth holding on to than there really is. This aspect is a really difficult one for either of you to handle, as it brings up so much anger, resistance, rebellion and aggression between you. Even if you're ordinarily quite placid, you're provoked more than you might think possible in this relationship!

Unless other aspects between you can help create a feeling of understanding and commonality, you have a really hard time getting along together for long -- except when you're being physically intimate, of course, and even that could take on a dimension of control and aggression that you should try to avoid. It's not that feeling angry or expressing it is wrong; that's natural. And an element of aggression can be exciting and appropriate in our sex lives. But the ways that you express your anger at each other are extreme; somehow, you each bring up the deepest, strongest feelings of rage and resentment that you both have hidden in the depths of your soul. You have to work hard to learn the lesson that this influence offers -- how to calm yourself in the face of rage; how to love someone right and treat them well, even when you're feeling as if you can't stand them. Expect major battles and intense power struggles. You may decide it's not worth it, in the end.

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