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Pluto sextile Sun

Growth through unity

Kelli Fox

The bond between you is powerful and transformative. On a physical level, this person responds to you with a deep and compelling passion, one that is enhanced by a strong emotional sensuality. You're able to provide them with a lot of support and encourage them to pursue their ambitions.

Not just career-related ambitions, either. They are on a personal growth trajectory that is heightened by their involvement with you. What's more, the support that you offer them actually has the effect of increasing their growth spurt -- in other words, though it may be counterintuitive, they're able to grow more as an individual through the relationship than they would have on their own. Unconsciously, you are able to identify your partner's needs and respond to them in a powerful, usually positive way. The communication between you should be good -- both verbal and nonverbal. You're able to talk things out effectively, but your lover doesn't always need to verbalize their thoughts and feelings to you. Somehow, you just know what they're thinking and feeling. You should take care to be open to their ideas. You have such a powerful effect on them that if you allow your responses to be negative or overly critical, this could actually hinder your partner's growth. This aspect lends long-term potential to your relationship, as long as you can keep it positive.

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