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Pluto sextile Saturn

A united front

Kelli Fox

Especially if there are other positive communication aspects between you, this one really helps to lend purpose and stability to your relationship, as long as you keep the lines of your communication open. Each of you is on a lifelong growth trajectory, and a relationship between you really benefits both of you because you support each other's ways of learning, growing, transforming and shaping your lives. There is a deep feeling of support and trust between you, and understanding.

You give each other the gift of a great emotional awareness that helps each other be more effective in your own lives as individuals. You both mature through the course of this relationship. If your partner tends to be not very emotionally expressive, or if they're actually emotionally confused, you help them get a much stronger handle on their feelings. Under the influences of this aspect, you're able to team up and tackle any hard times that you might go through as a couple -- whether they're difficulties that arise within the relationship or ones that spring up in your lives outside your bond. This influence combines the strength of your partner's practical, hardworking nature with your power to transform yourself and the bond between you, with amazing effects. Expect to become personally empowered through your association with each other.

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