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Pluto sextile Neptune

Spiritual enlightenment

Kelli Fox

The effects of this aspect are probably subtle, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. Your lover has a tender and compassionate heart, and they've always wanted to make a difference in the world -- to make it a better place for someone in need, perhaps, or even just to contribute to the greater good by being the kindest, most compassionate person they can. They treat everyone around them with respect, and the way that they naturally are is an inspiration to you, as you have deep wells of power and emotion that could be paired up with this person's sense of compassion for great results.

The two of you together equals personal power plus strength of ideals. If there's a cause that's meaningful to both of you, by all means, pursue it -- you could get further as a team than either of you would have on your own. What form this takes is up to you; as already stated, you can keep it on a personal level, and just inspire each other to meet the world with compassion and grace, or you can take it outside and get involved with something humanitarian or spiritual, some movement that makes life better for a lot of people. Working together at a camp for disadvantaged kids, volunteering at a soup kitchen over the holidays -- any activity like this is a wonderful expression of your combined talents and efforts.

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