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Pluto sextile Moon

Emotional support

Kelli Fox

There is intensity in this relationship! The way that your partner normally expresses themselves and deals with their emotions is transformed through their interactions with you. They feel strongly attracted to you from the start; the sexual experiences you share overwhelms them because of their emotional intensity on a subtle level.

You are able to look deeply into each other's eyes and merge on a soul level as well as the physical one. The main thing you experience as a result of this aspect is the deep intimacy and magnetic attraction it inspires. Your lover's intense emotional identification with you forges a strong bond, one that is helpful in a long-term relationship. You don't always have to communicate verbally, because you understand each other on such a deep level. You're open to each other's moods, which frees you up to be yourselves within the relationship. Don't take this gift for granted! Too often, we enter relationships with stars in our ideas, obscuring our view of the other person as the individual they truly are. This aspect, on the other hand, helps your lover see you clearly and support you as an individual. The differences between you don't seem so striking or intimidating as a result of this influence, which helps especially if other aspects between you are more troublesome.

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