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Pluto opposite Sun

Obscured individualities

Kelli Fox

The amount of control, projection and possessiveness that exists between you as a couple makes your romance a difficult one to stick with. Deep, inner insecurities within you lead to possessiveness; when your feelings get hurt, which inevitably happens, you might even respond vindictively, making the problem worse. This aspect obscures your view of your partner as a valid, independent human being; instead, it filters your view of them through a lens of your own needs.

All relationships have an aspect of unreality in that way -- each of us has needs that, at base, have nothing to do with the other person. In the best of relationships, we are able to deal with our own subconscious needs while receiving support from our partner in this process. Sometimes, however, that process is difficult or impossible. The relationship becomes less about mutual support and growth and more about dependency and the acting out of subconscious patterns. You both sense a deep, powerful but obscure struggle that pits your partner's individuality against your needs within the relationship. You may both end up feeling unseen, unheard and unsupported on a deep level. These feelings of isolation and loneliness could lead to resentments that store up over time. The only way to get through this difficult influence is to make an active effort to live as individuals within the relationship, and each deal with your own needs rather than visiting them upon one another.

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