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Pluto opposite South Node

Explore your depths

Kelli Fox

This aspect's exact effects depend on the rest of your relationship -- how well you get along, whether you have an overall positive effect on each other or a difficult time as a couple. Either way, there is a very powerful energy between you that changes both of you, and could change the course of your future. This person brings out intense feelings in you, and they're often dark emotions that surprise you both.

You might not want to deal with the feelings you encounter in this relationship, but you should -- because the intensity you both feel is based in the long-ago past, another lifetime that's too far away to remember but that still has bearing on who you are today and what you do with your life. You two were actually involved in a past life, and when you bring up deep emotions or urges within each other in this life, it's that old pattern making itself known. But patterns are made to be broken, and you can graduate to a new level of personal evolution if you can force yourself to go to the depths with this person. You're almost guaranteed to transform each other and affect each other's lives in a long-term way, even if the relationship is only a short and intense one.

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