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Pluto opposite Saturn

Stirring things up

Kelli Fox

If your partner likes to think that they have their life under control and that they always will, this relationship could come as quite a shock to their system! They should realize that their connection with you leads them places they'd never dream of going in a million years -- and it isn't all comfortable. Exciting, maybe.

Even if they try their hardest to keep things smooth and seemingly 'normal,' things have a way of spinning out of control of their own accord. One of the hardest parts of this influence is the projection that runs rampant between you. Your lover has a need for security and stability within a romantic relationship, and they project all those needs onto you, holding you personally responsible in their mind whenever they feel vulnerable or off-kilter. Conversely, you have the need to let out all your deepest, most powerful and pent-up emotions, and you use this person as a sounding board to do just that, no matter whether it's convenient for them, hurtful to them and so on. You express your emotions in a loud, explosive way from time to time, because they just build up inside you! Trying to control your partner or the situation is futile, so don't even try. Instead, try to learn the lessons this relationship is offering up to you. All of this upheaval and turmoil happens for a reason; it's just up to you to figure out what it is.

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