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Pluto opposite North Node

Stay open to advice

Kelli Fox

You have a very strong idea of where you need to go in life, and in this particular relationship, one of two possibilities is currently transpiring. Either your lover believes that you should help them along in their journey with your advice and practical experience; or, similarly but quite the opposite, they insist on following a path that they set for themselves long ago, actually ignoring valuable advice from you because they don't want to change course midstream. Either way, you both struggle as a result.

How can you move along your own path in life if you're always having to stop and backtrack? How can your lover progress along theirs if they refuse to remain open to change? You might each become quite stubborn about demanding what you think you need for yourself, and you react strongly against any moves your lover makes in a direction that challenges you, or that leads away from you and toward independence. This kind of struggle comes up between you repeatedly, and it is up to both of you to choose how you handle it -- or whether it's even worth it to stick with the relationship, with this kind of deep-level incompatibility between you.

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