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Pluto opposite Moon

Processing your pasts

Kelli Fox

The confusing emotions that develop between you make things difficult between you. Your partner projects their emotions onto you, which could lead to you feeling wildly and even willfully misunderstood. Sometimes their emotional projections actually help them to understand themselves better and to process their emotions, but this isn't a reliable effect.

In fact, emotional unpredictability may be all either of you can count on! Their feelings for you don't stay stable; they're either really into you, overwhelmed by how powerful or important the relationship seems, or they're just as powerfully turned off, wanting to get away from you as soon as possible. In fact, instead of just plain liking you, they're fascinated by you -- which doesn't bode well for the relationship. Fascination is good for a science project, not someone you might come to love! It could be that this person is so drawn to you not because of the particular, individual characteristics that you possess, but because you remind them of an old relationship -- maybe even of their mother or father. If that's what's going on, you definitely have a hard time breaking out of the behavioral patterns that these deeply-rooted emotions toward each other spur.

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