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Pluto opposite Mercury

Unacceptable emotions

Kelli Fox

The air of intensity when you're together pushes you to express yourselves in a deep and intense way, but after a while, you notice that you aren't as adept at accessing your inner feelings and truths as your partner is. It might be that you just don't go as deep and dark as they do, but it's more likely that you just have trouble bringing your darkness to light. You find that your partner has an easier time putting their impressions and emotions into words than you do.

You might even discover that all this time, when they've been forcing you to face down your issues and ferret out your deepest, most buried emotions, you've been using them as an emotional projection screen. As a result, they might begin to feel like little more than a mouthpiece for your emotions, the ones you're unwilling to express because the feelings are too weird or intense or otherwise unacceptable. If this happens between you, the effect could push you even further into the negative possibilities of this aspect's influence: Your partner could start obsessing over your problems, appointing themselves as the custodian of whatever has gone wrong in your past to create the emotional problems that exist today. They could experience bad dreams or even start feeling depressed. Be careful that this influence doesn't wear you both out.

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