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Pluto conjunct Neptune

A compassionate outlook

Kelli Fox

This aspect's actual intensity depends on your individual birth charts as well as on the other aspects that exist between you as a couple, but one thing is certain -- it has an effect on you, subtle or strong. Your lover brings a heart full of compassion to this relationship, and they inspire you with the way that they look at the world and their place in it. They see the problems of the world around them, and they want to make things better.

Well, this relationship gives them the opportunity to do that, because they're pairing up with someone who has tremendous personal power to make things happen! So encourage your lover to bring out all their best ideas, because you give them form and function. There is an emphasis on spirituality when you're together; the compassion that each of you has for the rest of the world is increased by your relationship with each other. You push each other to be even more in tune with the subtle undertones of life and love. And you get things done. It could be as big as founding a spiritual movement, a school or a soup kitchen, or as small and personal as working together to help out one person in need with a small donation of food or clothes, or just time. What you do with this influence is up to you.

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