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Pluto conjunct Midheaven

Your partner's public life

Kelli Fox

Your involvement with your partner leads to some big developments regarding their career or their public image, and though they might wish they could hang back in obscurity, that just isn't possible! This aspect is all about transformation, and in one way or another, they're forced into changing something about the work that they do or the reputation they currently have. The first possibility for this aspect has to do with how people see them.

It could be that, just through your lover's involvement with you, other people completely change the way they see them. Be forewarned -- scandalous behavior of any kind is both highly visible and even more subject than usual to other people's scrutiny and judgment, so no quickies in public, because you'll definitely be found out! And it could be that you don't even mean to get into the trouble you encounter together, so you have to work extra hard to get out of it. The other possibility for this aspect's influence may have more to do with your lover's professional reputation than their personal one. Somehow, their work could become the focus of much public attention, and it is the direct result of their relationship with you. Whether this has a positive or negative effect remains to be seen, and depends on other aspects between you; just know this is a powerful influence, and you'd better behave -- because you could both get called out when you least expect it!

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