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Pluto conjunct Mars

A powerful force

Kelli Fox

How this aspect affects your relationship is up to both of you, and depends on various factors -- how you each normally deal with strong emotions, since this aspect intensifies them; how well you're able to work together, because with this aspect between you, you could accomplish a great deal; and so on. Basically, this influence is one of very potent force! How you use the power is up to you.

For a lot of couples, this could turn out to be a difficult aspect to deal with. It could lead to battles of will, with you taking a forceful emotional side, allowing yourself to be completely overtaken by all the wonderful and terrible feelings you experience within the relationship, and your partner relying on their ego to withstand the emotional storm visited upon them by their lover. This kind of pairing of irrationality and stubbornness is obviously not the best use of the power generated by this aspect, nor is it the most fun. Your sexual connection is charged up by this influence -- okay, getting more fun by the minute. Why not take it even a step further? You could work as a team, and divert all that intense energy into a project that you work on together. After all, with this influence on your side, together you could move mountains! If you can focus on a big project or goal together, you achieve more than you could dream of on your own.

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