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Pluto conjunct Juno

Like a butterfly

Kelli Fox

This is a very powerful aspect to have between two people involved in a romantic relationship, because it means that the relationship changes your whole life. Since getting involved, nothing has ever been the same, especially for your partner. Clearly, this aspect points to a relationship of real significance, but it also supports a long-term commitment -- which, let's face it, means committing to an incredibly powerful force that runs like a current between you.

This certainly affects your sex life in an incredible way. You are both healed and strengthened by your physical bond, and it is a source of pleasure for you as a couple, but also a big part of the foundation of your relationship -- the bedrock that you know you can always depend on. The transformation doesn't end there. Your lover was attracted to you in the beginning because of a sense of power that they picked up on, right from the start -- Here is a person, they said to themselves, who's really got something going on! They're really intrigued by you, especially if you have a job that requires secrecy, or just a tendency to keep to yourself. Even if you're normally a secretive person, you both love talking about your lives with each other, and over time, you reveal your secrets, because you grow to trust your lover so well. You both know that your relationship is the safe space you need in which to become the person you've always been.

Pluto conjunct Juno in the Composite Chart

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