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North Node trine Venus

Aim high

Kelli Fox

This person's affection for you makes you feel wonderful, and they actually help you to figure out where you want to go in life and how you want to get there. Their natural loving nature is an inspiration for you, as is their courage and their optimism. If you've been floundering in life, wondering what to do with yourself or suffering from depression or confusion, their influence on you can only be a really positive one.

They understand you very well, and they're able to point out your talents to you in such a way that builds you up and helps you to see the possibilities in your own life. Even if this relationship is not a long-term one, this person's influence in your life is one that you always look back on fondly, because they have been such a help to you, such a clarifying influence in your life. If they get as much good stuff out of this relationship as you do, you both might want it to last for the long-term! This aspect creates some very good feelings between you, and your sweet, close bond feels natural and right. The only danger here is that you become complacent due to all the good feelings between you. You should both strive to motivate each other and yourselves to constantly aim higher.

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