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North Node trine Uranus

An exciting chance

Kelli Fox

Your lover has some truly radical ways of thinking, and those original, unique ideas are a real help and inspiration to you, as you might be in need of some shaking up. You have a particular path in life to follow, as does everyone, but your path may have grown stale, or unclear. This person shows you a whole new way of doing things.

Just the natural way that they meet life is an inspiration to you; you watch them operate in the world, and it's like shutters falling off your eyes, allowing a whole new perspective. I can do that too, you think! Your forward progress in life is given a big boost by your association with this person, so even if this is a short-term relationship, you'll always look back at them with respect and gratitude for showing you what's possible. They encourage your individuality, and if you've lived your life trying to be like everyone else, this could be a really uncomfortable experience for you -- but a necessary and important one. This person could encourage you to develop your life in a scientific or technological realm, too; perhaps you're still living in the last century when it comes to communications, for example, and upgrading to the 2000s really helps your career to grow. However it occurs, they really help to boost your vision of what's possible in life and how to achieve greatness.

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