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North Node trine Sun

A positive influence

Kelli Fox

You two add a lot to one another's lives, and provide guidance and support to the paths that each of you follows as individuals. You find that you're really in sync; what's good for one of you is good for both of you. Your lover has a wonderful influence on you, offering their support and encouragement for all your efforts to advance in your life.

Though you both need to put conscious effort into making the most out of this relationship, even your subconscious efforts are realized! This person acts as inspiration to you; any act on their part to realize their dreams is an inspiration to you, because you want to follow yours as well; and when you do go after what you want in life, your partner feels inspired and more driven as a result. Any effort either of you makes to follow your ambitions and further your career, your personal growth or anything else is likely to be great for the relationship. That's not always the case in life, so definitely take the time to appreciate this unique influence. Your lover's generosity and support for you makes you feel wonderful, armed and ready to take on the world.

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