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North Node trine Saturn

A blueprint to your future

Kelli Fox

Your partner has a lot of good, helpful advice for you regarding your work and your direction in life. You might be floundering a bit, wondering exactly what it is that you want to do with yourself. You might know what kind of work you'd like to do, but not exactly how to get the ball rolling or how to start in the right direction.

Your lover has had some practical experience in their life that has taught them some things about hard work and finding their path, and they're able to offer this experience to you for your greater good. They offer you advice and guidance, and they also give you their own life perspectives and struggles as an example for you to follow. If they have any issues with insecurity or low self-esteem, they can tackle those in this relationship -- and whatever strides they take in their own personal life positively affect you. You see them taking care of business and you want to do the same, and you follow their example. You probably feel as though you two were destined to come together, because their influence in your life is so important to you, and you might be right. As long as you two stay motivated toward mapping out your futures together and surmounting the obstacles that pop up in your path, this is a really important influence, and relationship, for both of you.

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