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North Node trine North Node

A great team

Kelli Fox

Though you likely have at least somewhat different goals in life and different ideas of where you'll be in five or ten years, you still have enough commonality between you to help each other move forward in life. This sense of familiarity and sameness might be the result of similar goals or past experiences, or it could just happen naturally, from the first time you met. Either way, you each have some great advice to give the other that is based on your own experience.

This aspect could support a long-term connection, if other aspects between you speak to that, but even if you're only involved for a short time, you still help each other to define your path in life in some important way that you both appreciate even after the relationship ends. The common thread that runs between you helps you both to pull the other forward, especially when one of you might lag due to flagging confidence or fear of the future. Fear of success is actually as common a problem as fear of failure, and you two are able to talk about feelings like these and help each other through them. It's possible that, even if you don't end up being a romantic couple long-term, you remain friends, because this influence gives you a warm feeling toward each other -- a feeling of kinship and gratitude.

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