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North Node trine Moon

Mutually beneficial

Kelli Fox

Even if this relationship isn't a long-term one, it's still an important one, especially in your life. You talk about more than just mundane, silly stuff; instead of chitchat and innuendoes, you discuss important things like your interests in life, your ambitions, where you want to be in five or ten years. You find an interesting connection in where your partner has already been and where you want to go.

This might be in a literal sense -- you want to travel to Africa, and they spent a few years there in the Peace Corps -- or a more figurative one -- you want to go back to school, and can get advice on the pros and cons from them, since they've already finished with their schooling. Either way, they have a lot of advice to offer you, and you feel closer to them because of these similarities. They even feel familiar to you, as if you've met them before, but it's really just the fact that you get along so well and they really understand your aspirations for a good life. The support and encouragement they offer you also makes you feel wonderful, so make sure you always stay open to that influence from them. You should both take care not to get complacent in your sweet, nurturing bond; stay focused on developing yourselves, and you really gain the most from this beneficial influence.

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