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North Node trine Ascendant

Taking big strides

Kelli Fox

You're so comfortable together that you might not see the need to motivate yourselves to action -- but don't fall into that trap! You have a lot to learn from each other, but it shouldn't be passive learning. It doesn't happen through osmosis; you have to reach out and grab hold -- and draw from each others experiences.

There is a lot to draw from. Just in the person that they naturally are and the way they naturally meet the world, your lover inspires you to be yourself -- your best self. The way that they approach the world is a great lesson for you, because it teaches you that you're okay -- better than okay. If you've had your self-confidence or self-esteem dented in the past by relationships with people who made you feel as if you weren't good enough, this relationship could help to counter those old, negative feelings, and to build your self-esteem again.

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