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North Node square Saturn

Well-meant but unhelpful

Kelli Fox

Your lover wants and tries to have a big effect on you path into the future -- without realizing the fact that in being together, they might actually pull you away from where you really should be going. This is inadvertent and unconscious on their part, of course; and in the end, it could have the positive outcome of illuminating where you should go precisely by pointing out the directions in which you shouldn't head. Don't expect things to be fun or easy in the meantime, either.

They're full of advice for you, but lots of times it isn't the right advice. And giving advice might actually verge into the territory of attempting to control you. Even though they have very good intentions, they just might not understand your life path. They might apply all their own experiences and feelings to your goals without stopping to think about whether they really apply. You might just be on two very different paths, with two different goals, and your experiences just can't be of help to each other, no matter how crucial they've been to your own development. If it starts to seem as if you speak different languages, it could frustrate you both -- but it actually means good things. Resisting your lover's attempts to influence your life path means that you are more clearly defining that path for yourself.

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