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North Node sextile Venus

Finding your path together

Kelli Fox

Through the natural support and affection that they would give to anyone with whom they were intimately involved, this person helps you map out your best future path. Their love gives you the strength you need to move forward in life, and your relationship serves as a solid base from which you're able to move outward into the world. Their love actually helps you to access parts of yourself that you may not even have known existed.

They help you to figure out what's most important to you in terms of your values, your expectations in love and your future path. Their natural courage helps you feel brave. You might even feel as if this person were meant to come into your life, and they may well have been. Just make sure that you're giving this person more than just your gratitude -- which you give in spades. You love them for the effect they have on you, and that's a powerful bond between two people. They probably love feeling so wise and needed, because this relationship really puts a focus on all their best qualities. You both communicate openly about your dreams and ideals, and helping each other turn those dreams into reality becomes a driving focus for you and a big part of your bond.

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