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North Node sextile Pluto

The power to transform

Kelli Fox

Where does your life need to head in order to create the best possible future for you? Whatever the answer is, you probably find out through the course of this relationship. There is a powerfully strong feeling between you of support and love.

As long as you both commit yourselves to communicating openly and with perfect honesty, you are always able to clear up any misunderstandings that come up between you. In the process of communicating with each other, something deep and important is revealed to you about your own life and future potential. You have hidden depths that you may not even have guessed at before, and this relationship gives you the chance to access those wells of feeling and potential, and to tap into those resources in a way that affects you for the rest of your life. This might not all be a walk in the park, of course; you could both surprise each other and yourselves with the intense feelings that well up in you from time to time. Intensity doesn't equal negativity; quite the opposite, in fact. This relationship could have a cathartic function for both of you, and you especially. If you've been through an experience that still needs emotional processing, for example, this relationship gives you the space and support to make that happen. You're transformed for the better through your relationship with your lover.

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