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North Node sextile Neptune

Finding your way

Kelli Fox

The communicative connection between you is kind and supportive, and helps your lover to understand you better, and where you're going in life. There is a feeling between you of acceptance and understanding, as if your lover is able to see into the farthest, darkest corners of your personality. They might even see talents or propensities in you that are hidden to you, and they're able to tease these qualities out and nurture them into natural growth.

This isn't in any rational or motivational way; instead, it occurs on a subtle level that might be more intuitive than overt. You have a highly creative bond as well; your partner's dreams and imagination serve as inspiration to you, and could even help you to further define your own future path. Somehow, your souls are bonded in a way that's both comfortable and essential to your growth as a human being. The warmth between you actually promotes a feeling of familiarity early on -- as if you've known each other a lot longer than you really have. As long as you don't use that warmth and familiarity as an excuse to get lazy together, this is a wonderful aspect to have between you. This person provides you with such support that you could make more significant strides toward your future than you would have made on your own.

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