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North Node sextile Moon

Finding your path

Kelli Fox

If this relationship is a long-term one, you really benefit from the connection in an important and lasting way. Even in the short-term, your lover really supports you in all the things that you do -- the important things, like your work, your creative projects, your hobbies and other interests. They really help you to move in the right direction.

Something in their life -- something they've already done or experienced -- is really of help to you in what you're trying to do. Maybe they've already gone through all their schooling and obtained a high degree, and you're thinking about going to grad school and wondering whether it's the right thing for you, and you find their input invaluable. Or maybe this is on a more emotional level -- maybe you both have had difficult relationships with your families, and your lover is able to inspire you to work on those bonds and reconcile all the old hurts. Whatever it is, it's something important, and they offer you a lot of support, encouragement and kind advice in getting it accomplished. For that reason, even if this isn't a long-term romantic connection, it could still turn into a good friendship, because you have very warm feelings toward each other in this regard.

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