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North Node sextile Mars

Courageous action

Kelli Fox

You're been physical together from the start -- and not just sexually speaking, though that connection is definitely given a healthy boost by this aspect! But you also love tackling all kinds of physical challenges together -- playing sports, doing yard work, going rowing or on a hike -- because intense physical activity is a mirror for what's going on under the surface of your relationship as well. There is a highly energetic quality to your bond; your partner is the leader most often, inspiring you with their high energy and courage to boldly push forward in life.

This aspect helps them to be a positive influence in your life, in terms of moving forward and finding your right path. They serve as an example for you in what's possible in life, and in their natural energy and optimism. Anywhere that vulnerability or fear of failure -- or of success -- might live inside your soul is exposed to the light through your relationship with your lover. You're able to overcome your anxieties and push forward, and you return the favor however you can, because you so appreciate this gift. You find that when you work together, or even when you just check in with this person a lot on your thoughts and progress, your timing improves. You seem to fall into lucky opportunities, like stumbling onto the right path after being lost in a forest -- but it doesn't happen by accident. Your lover helps you to increase your opportunities and they push you to make the most of them.

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