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North Node sextile Ascendant

Strengthening who you are

Kelli Fox

You have a lot to learn from your lover, but it shouldn't be passive learning. It happens best through open communication and a willingness to share, through talking about your experiences and drawing from each other's pasts. There is a lot to draw from.

Your lover inspires you on a daily basis, to live in a better way that's truer to the person you really are. Just the way that they naturally meet the world is inspiring and motivating to you to be yourself, and to find your natural path in life. What a wonderful effect they have on you! You may have been in relationships in the past that made you feel as if the way you were wasn't good enough, but this relationship helps you to build your confidence in the person you truly are. Your lover admires you and they encourage you to follow your path. Of course, this aspect isn't a terribly strong one in itself; instead, it works in tandem with other aspects to create an overall influence. If other aspects between you support good communication and a motivated approach to life and to bettering yourselves, this aspect underscores that influence. But if other aspects support an undirected, lazy energy between you or less than great communication, you might have to work a little harder to derive all the positive benefits you can out of this aspect.

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