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North Node quincunx Uranus

Get ready to go off-course

Kelli Fox

Your partner is always trying to be independent -- to create more space for themselves and do things in an original way in life. They bring that quality to this relationship, and for you, a more traditional and sedate sort, that could be quite a distraction! You might feel as if your long-held, quiet rhythms are being disturbed by your partner's energetic, unpredictable soul.

At times, they even seem immature and gratuitously disruptive to you. You're both moving toward your own futures in this relationship, but you naturally move at a more methodical pace, while your partner goes at breakneck speed, perhaps without much precision or planning! You definitely have two different approaches, that's for sure. Your lover disturbs the tranquility of your more methodical life -- but although this could be annoying, it also could have a great effect over time. The frustration you feel at having all your comfortable, well-worn paths diverted forces you into a position in which you have to consider the new possibilities before you -- even if it's just to get back on that old, comfortable path again. But as forced detours sometimes have the effect of taking you someplace you never knew you wanted to go, this relationship annoys you, sometimes even frustrates the you-know-what out of you -- but ultimately, it makes both of you take a much more active hand in shaping your own destiny.

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