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North Node quincunx Pluto

Keeping things balanced

Kelli Fox

Over time, you begin to realize that your relationship is more emotionally taxing and unstable than you thought, and that it's keeping you from progressing as an individual. You experience intense highs and lows with this person, and you might never feel placid when you're together. Having a sense of comfort, familiarity and support is an important part of the foundation of a relationship, and this one might lack in that department.

The sense grows that there's an emotional imbalance between you. Your lover tries to use strong feelings and self-expression as leverage in getting their way, and you feel as if you can't be yourself in the face of such powerful emotions. Especially if you're ordinarily a reserved or shy type, this effect becomes especially pronounced. Your relationship becomes off-kilter because your lover is taking up all the space while you shrink back, afraid to assert yourself. Don't let this happen! Find a way to be completely aboveboard about your emotions, your needs and desires, while still listening to your lover and committing to at least trying to meet their needs. That way, neither of you has to resort to emotional blackmail to get your way. If you find yourselves mimicking a monster and a mouse, take it as a sign that it's time to get things back in balance between you. You get a lot farther along your life paths if you can do this.

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