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North Node quincunx Midheaven

Separate visions of success

Kelli Fox

Are the two of you headed in the same direction? This is what you both begin to ask yourselves after a while. In the beginning, this question probably doesn't trouble you; it doesn't even come up as an issue.

But after you've spent some time getting to know each other and how you each work in the world, you start to realize that you're not exactly on the same page in terms of your lover's work, their chosen career and the direction that you're heading in life. Your lover has some very particular and well-formed goals in terms of what they need to do to reach success -- what kind of networking furthers their goals, what kind of traveling they need to do, when and where they might need to move in order to open up more opportunities for themselves, and so on. You have the same idea of your own future; even if it's hazy, you have a picture of where you want to be in five or ten years, and your picture doesn't match up with your lover's. If you've made firm plans, they definitely aren't similar to those your lover has made, and if you're in love and committed to the relationship, you're both faced with the issue of which one of you is going to make the compromises needed to stay together. At least one of you has to slow things down in your own life if you want the relationship to work out, because you just aren't moving at the same pace. Talking things out and working together is a great approach to getting more on level ground with each other.

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