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North Node quincunx Jupiter

Be who you are

Kelli Fox

After some time spent together as a couple, you start to notice that you're not entirely compatible when it comes to finding your life paths. Your lover wants to understand the direction you want to take, and to support you in your choices, but they find it hard to do so because they just don't understand the differences between you. Their lack of support for you even has the effect of preventing you from following your true path -- and this has to be remedied, because an energy like this could hurt an otherwise good relationship.

If you can accept your differences and grow accustomed to the fact that you're not as in sync as you might like to be, you start the process toward allowing each other to find your own way. Making compromises is necessary; for one thing, sometimes your lover has to learn to bite their tongue when they're just about to offer some well-meant but not necessarily helpful criticism! Learning to hold back and watch instead of trying to get in there and manipulate is a wonderful lesson for both of you. After a while, you might even find that you're putting your attention back where it should be -- on your own ambitions in life, instead of on how to change those of your partner.

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