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North Node quincunx Ascendant

Compromise will satisfy you both

Kelli Fox

The good news is, this influence isn't a huge problem unless other aspects make the whole relationship challenging, but it could become an issue between you. Your life path is important to your development as a human being, and you might be held up along your path by your partner's natural way of meeting the world. If your communication is afflicted, for example, you could have some trouble getting across to your partner what your needs and your goals in life are.

If your intimacy is afflicted, you could have trouble feeling close because your life path and the daily ways that they live always seem to lead you away from each other. If you are a committed couple, you have to pull your lover out of their comfort zone and into yours if you want to feel like you're doing right by yourself, and going where you need to go; and neither of you is happy with that. Your life paths simply might not be negotiable, and it's your lover who has to make all the compromises, but you don't like forcing them to change their lifestyle any more than they like making the change. Talking things out openly and honestly helps, as does accepting each other as the people you are, instead of trying to force each other to be whoever you each wish the other were.

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