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North Node opposite Saturn

Make a new plan

Kelli Fox

You might not realize the challenges this relationship poses, even as they're occurring right under your nose. You might have felt familiar or important to each other from the start, and you both have the sense that you've come into each other's lives to help reconcile something from your pasts, or keep you on the same track you've been on for way too long now. Maybe you started out on a career or schooling path that's no longer working for you, but your lover takes it upon themselves to be your inspiration and taskmaster, to motivate you to stick to the course you chose.

But what if that course just isn't the right one anymore? People change; new opportunities become available. This person actually might prevent you from reaching out and grabbing hold of those opportunities because of their obsession with sticking to the status quo instead of making a new plan, one that fits the person you are today. They may think they're doing you a favor, but sometimes, the best thing is just to switch tracks mid-journey and move on to something new. You do yourselves and each other a real disservice if you insist on spending more time on rectifying or completing an old plan than mapping out a new one for the future.

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