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North Node opposite Neptune

Possible stagnation

Kelli Fox

The bond you share actually holds you back from moving forward into the future that you need to embrace. Somehow, your bond is linked to your pasts; perhaps you find out that you knew each other long ago, or that you had friends in common, or perhaps it's just that there's a familiarity between you -- a sense that you've known each other for a lot longer than you really have. Your partner may have experienced something awhile back that you want to know about in order to aid your own life's journey.

But staying locked into old patterns of relating to each other, or focusing on what you've already experienced instead of on where you're going next, is detrimental to both of you. It could cause the wheels of your bond to come grinding to a halt, stuck in one position on the tracks. Neither of you even notices the stagnation. Your bond could feel so effortless, so immediately satisfying and easy, that you just take it at face value and neglect to examine what's going on under the surface -- this lack of growth, as individuals and as a couple. Moving forward is difficult, because it's a challenge to the status quo within your relationship -- and the status quo, after all, is what the two of you focus on most. Familiarity can become addictive. Don't let that happen between the two of you, as it's at the expense of your future.

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