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North Node opposite Mercury

Focus on the future

Kelli Fox

There is a feeling of understanding and interest between you, but this person has to forcibly steer themselves away from playing armchair psychologist with you if either of you wants the relationship to be mutually beneficial. For some reason, they are almost too interested in your past -- what your former relationships were like, why they didn't work out, what changes you've gone through since then and so on. You talk a lot together about your upbringings, your experiences with love and broken hearts and your theories on your own emotional makeup.

That's a great way to get to know each other, and it makes you feel close to each other, as if you know each other inside out. But it could actually impede any forward movement in your life if this person is too focused on your past. What happened in the past is undeniably important, but it's where you are now as individuals and where you're going in your lives that's the most important thing. If they pull you backwards too much, they create an undue focus on what has already been and not enough emphasis is placed on what's ahead. As a couple, you should be concerned with where you're going together, first and foremost. Shift your attention onto that plane and you stand a much better chance of being a great influence on each other.

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