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North Node conjunct North Node

A companion on the road of life

Kelli Fox

This aspect increases the feeling that you're headed along the same path, and that you have a lot in common. You certainly have goals in common; though you might do different things in life, pursuing different careers or educational paths, you have similar ideas of where you want to end up and how you want to get there. You're able to talk about these subjects a lot and to offer each other advice on your life paths.

Since these are some rather important subjects you're covering together, you could feel from the start like this is an important relationship -- like you can make even more progress toward your goals than you could on your own. And you could be right. Being together really helps both of you find success, however you both define it. You find that your past experiences are similar as well, and you're able to offer each other a lot of support and solid advice based on your own experiences. If other aspects between you support a serious commitment or a long-term bond, this one underscores that; but even if not, this relationship still plays an important role in both your lives.

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