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North Node conjunct Midheaven

Congruent goals

Kelli Fox

This aspect doesn't create any feelings of romance or intimacy between you, except those related to your professional work -- because this one's all about the big, important stuff, like your careers and your paths into the future. There's a very close link between the work that is most important to your lover and your own life path. You identify closely with each other, because what your lover is working hard on now in some way leads toward where you're headed in life.

You both want to accomplish something big, and through the relationship you share with each other, you get a lot closer to your goal than you might have on your own. If your lover is used to doing things more behind-the-scenes when it comes to their career, they can expect this relationship to draw them inexorably out into the open -- because somehow, their involvement with you means public work and scrutiny. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, either; it can be a great lesson to them, especially if the work they do requires any kind of public speaking or networking. But in general, if you are involved romantically, don't be afraid to also involve yourself on an intimate level with your lover's career. Somehow, it works out better for both of you to take a personal hand in the work that your lover does.

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