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North Node conjunct Ascendant

Your truest path

Kelli Fox

You're inspired by your lover on a daily basis, to live in a better way that's truer to the person you really are. When they're just being themselves in the relationship, it is inspiration and motivation for you to be yourself, and to find your path in life. Ah -- what a relief!

Some relationships make us feel as if we have to behave in a certain way and watch how we act; this isn't that kind. This one makes you feel as if the way you are is plenty good enough, and where you're headed is great. Your partner acts as an inspiring leader to you. The way they conduct themselves on a day-to-day basis, in itself, teaches you a lot about the kind of person you want to be and how you want to lead your life. You're really comfortable with this person, and you probably feel as if you've known each other for years -- and it's even possible that you did know each other, long ago, or that you've shared friends in common. But it's also possible that this feeling of comfort and familiarity just comes from a commonality between you, a feeling of natural positivity and togetherness. You slowly gain your independence as an individual through your connection with this person, and you learn to connect as individuals.

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  1. Left Coast Gal on August 17, 2018 at 4:05 pm

    This is great!

    My ascendant is in Leo and the guy I’m interacting with has his North Node in Leo. It does feel like have known each other forever and we feel very comfortable relating to each other!


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